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Tom Libby RIP

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Tom Libby RIP

We are saddened to learn from Lou Murdica of the sudden death of Tom Libby.

I first met Tom via email prior to WBC12 in Sydney (2013) for guidance on bureaucratic matters. Then when Team USA arrived had the privilege of meeting him in person and found him to be a true gentleman and very appreciative of everything the WBC work force could assist with. He represented his country proudly whilst only a couple of weeks post surgery.

Tom was not only a top benchrest shooter, evidenced by representing at WBC level but served the sport with distinction as a Regional Director and served on various Committees within the NBRSA structure.

After 2013 we corresponded on a casual basis, about nothing in particular and everything in general the last time, now it transpires in April, 2017 and will certainly miss this email pal.

Condolences to Carolyn and the family. RIP in Peace Tom.

Ann Brummell

Wow. Really sorry to hear

Wow. Really sorry to hear that. Tom was a great guy. Tom held several NBRSA national records, and would always joke about how if he could set a national record then anyone could.

Brendan's picture

I met Tom at the 1997 NBRSA Nationals in Phoenix AZ. What a character! His antics were always well planned and surprising.
He was a damn good shooter too.

We are diminished.

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