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Custom LV/HV .22 Rimfire Rifle SOLD IN AN HOUR !

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I am selling one of my 2 custom rimfire rifles as i do not need both.

Option 1 is in the photo and is a as new excellent condition Turbo 3 Lug with Benchmark Barell, Jewel Trigger, Lowey Tuner, also Harell tuner & 36 Lynx FCD Scope, shoots awesome. The Stock is made my Richard Lightfoot and is Huen Pine and Walnut i think ? Price on this one is $SOLD

Option 2 rifle i have had on order for over 8 months, the bits have arrived in Oz last week, it will be built by Brett Wilson and have the following components: Stiller/Holeshot TRIDENT 3 Lug Action, McMillan Gloss Black LV Straightline Stock, Shilen Barell, Harell Tuner, Jewell Trigger and Lynx 36X FCD Scope all brand new. Price on this one is $NO LONGER AVAILABLE. I do not have a photo as it is not built as yet i estimate it will be about 2 months before complete.

As i say i only need one of them and don't mind which one as i am sure the Trident will be a killer and i know the Turbo is already, so putting it out there for anyone who does not want to wait a year for a new order or one to come up both these fit into LV & HV Classes....TURBO SOLD in an hour - FOREIGNER will be at a range near you real soon Wink

Bill Collaros
0418 247041

$4 000.00
Bill Collaros
0418 247041
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