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Maryborough Masters

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Maryborough Masters

What a wonderful weekend of shooting with great people
This was a age classed competition for the medals and also cash prizes were given for first second and third in grades A B C of $25.00 first,$15.00 second and $10.00 third
With76 entries and four events at just $12.00 and event thats beyond generous
Allan Bradford told me that it was the longest running Masters event in Queensland and I think it was due to his diligence as he organised all that part of it.
The weather was awful but Digs brother in law a dairy farmer reckoned that it was terrific
It was a perfect calm on the Saturday two competitions Heavy Varmit RBA and Light RBA Varmit
with Digs winning Heavy and yours truly winning Light

On Saturday the conditions were that calm that the gasses of 26 rifles just sat there and hurt your eyes
Not sure if it was the mirage from the heat of the barrel coming up or what but it is really hard to shoot when there is hardly nothing showing on the flags.
Think stuff is there but you just aren't getting any kind of idea from the flags and probes?
Greg shoot the only 250 for the weekend with his heavy rifle.
My heavy rifle just won't shoot in no conditions don't know why but the Turbo my light rifle has no problem with it at all
Shooting a 249 18 dot last card, learnt that you needed to blow the mirage away off the heat of the barrel before shooting on it.

Sunday was different with very heavy rain and flukey type conditions with constant changes every three seconds as the storms rolled through
It was challenging but the great thing about shooting is that it is the same for everyone so just do the best you can and don't lose heart.

Now if you haven't shot in a country shoot you need to get yourself out and shoot one .
The people are terrific with many funny stories told on the weekend and the food is extremely good ,my steak on Saturday night was perfect followed up with some of Roys 70 th birthday cake and ice-cream.
Roy Muller and his wife Marg are wonderful people ,now I know you all know that but it needs to be said that they are always there either range officering or scoring or doing whatever else needs to be done . People like them are the heart and soul of shooting and we would all be at a great loss without them. So for the third time "Roy Happy Birthday mate".
To the people that did all the cooking for the weekend ,the scoring and all that pitched in Thankyou as made the shoot a very memorable event.

ps This event was extra special for me and this is a bit of a dad moment, because at this shoot every year my son Patrick comes and shoots with me. He can't come all the time because of university but I look forward to it each year . He won four gold medals from his four events and placed third in the A grade in light varmit. But what is special about this young man was after giving him his winnings he said to me here dad you better keep this to help pay for the bullets.

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Another good report Ben. Well

Another good report Ben. Well done.

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thanks Kim

Thanks Kim pictures fixed

All the gear and no idea

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