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Fly shoots

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Fly shoots

SSAA Warwick is having a practice day for RF 200 Fly and CF 300 Fly on Sunday 12th November, 2017 from 10.30 am. Come and sight in your scopes etc before our competitions next year. Ist one is February 17th at 5pm for 200 RF Fly, followed by 18th at 10.30 pm for 300 CF Fly. Come and enjoy a good weekend. Next Fly matches will be on May 19th and 20th, 2018.
Contact Kev Carruthers 0428 349 546.

Kev C
Fly Shoot February

Come & join the SSAA Warwick as per the attached flyer, in February.
This event is now 4 weeks away, to ensure your bench please notify as per the flyer

Kev C

Kev C
SSAA Warwick Fly Shoot 17/18 February

Hi all this shoot is now 10 days away.
The Centrefire 300 has 3 places left and Rimfire 200 has 9 places.

The Saturday Rimfire 200 Fly is a night shoot commencing at 5pm under lights
The Sunday shoot will now commence earlier from approximately 8 am -- weigh in prior to shoot.
For further information see the flyer attached on the previous thread

If you are interested in shooting please contact Kevin Carruthers on 0428 349 546

Kev C

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