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R.I.P. Nick Catlin

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donald powell
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R.I.P. Nick Catlin

Just to let shooters know a true icon of the benchrest fraternity passed away this morning.His contribution ( often at great expense to himself ) can't be underestimated and his smiling face will be greatly missed. I am sure there are those among you who can better put into words how a lot of us will feel for our loss.

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RIP Nick. You will be missed by many.

Stuart J
RIP Uncle Nick

Although I have been out of the scene for many years now, Nick was the one that really kept me motivated while he was in living in Brisbane.
Annoying at times, but always there to help.

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Truly a huge loss for the

Truly a huge loss for the Benchrest community and to anyone who knew him. Nick will be greatly missed.

HH&TC Glen Innes

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