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Hello all,,,sorry for the delay in getting this out to everyone ,, everything lined up with our 5 year Range approval which has all gone through, please find below the add that will appear in the Journal and on the SSAA website ,

SSAA National Championship Centrefire Groups
29/03/18 to 02/04/2018
Springsure SSAA Range
First Qualifier for WBC15

Unlimited Friday 30/03/18
Sporter Saturday 31/03/18
Light Bench Sunday 01/04/18
Heavy Bench Monday 02/04/18
Practice from Wednesday
Weigh-in each morning from 6.30am

Canteen will be open
BBQ Tea Saturday Night - $20.00 per Person
Shirts will be available for order with nominations - $40.00 each.

Nomination by 15/03/18 to Roger on 07 4984 1144 or 0429 841 205
Nominations - $65.00 per class – Late entry $10.00
Shooters Licence and SSAA membership card is required each day.

Camping available at the Range - $40.00 per site
Accommodation in Springsure – 2 min drive each way from Range:
- Springsure Caravan Park 0417 702 675
- Springsure Motel 07 4984 1255
- Dooleys Tavern 07 4981 5100
- Overlander Motel 07 4984 1888
- Zamia Motel 07 4984 1455

Accommodation in Emerald– 45min drive each way from Range.

for all those flying I will be able to receive any gear you need to send and will make sure it is all at the range waiting for you,, I will also have a good supply of BM2, AR2219 and primers both CCI and Federal,

Address for freight will be

Springsure Welding Works
1 Rainbow street
Springsure Qld ,4722

For any other info I can be contacted on the above numbers and email,,

Regards Roger Marshall

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I take it we will be able to

I take it we will be able to enter through this website in the usual manner?

Michael Huebner
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I am all booked
SP,LB,HB, on Sullys flags if he will let me & 500 Primers please.


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Online entries

This is now setup and active.


BB Administrator

date mishap,,

we lost the 31st of march,, Rob is going to amend this as soon as he can
cheers Roger

centrefire nationals Springsure

everything is still on track for the nationals all the info we have is in this post,, anyone needing to send gear ahead , can send it to me,, please feel free to call me if you need anything else,, 0429841205
Regards Roger Marshall

camping fees

Just to clarify the camping fee is for the whole stay not per night,, we have limited mains power so where possible please try and be as self supporting as practical,, we are going to try get a large generator which will be for camp use but at this point that is not confirmed,,
cheers Roger Marshall

Super Feet

Please come prepared,, we need everyone to use Super Feet from now on at our range which includes this Nationals,, if you dont have any I will have some spares for use over the weekend
cheers Roger Marshall

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