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Colo Benchrest Rifle Club Pty td

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Colo Benchrest Rifle Club Pty td

The much anticipated opening of CBRC is getting fairly close so the time is now opportune to inform the modus operandi and facilities of the installation.

Firstly it is to be fully understood that the establishment is privately owned and will be operated accordingly by the Armstrong family. Initially the range will be for rifles that are shot from benches at 50 metres, 100, 200 and 300 yards for calibres up to .308.

Following the Australia Day Light Bench event in Canberra (27th January, 2018) the principals of CBRC Pty Ltd, Peter Armstrong and Kerry Richards will host an informal information session. All interested parties are welcome but into the future relevant information from the Committee of Management will be via the anticipated web site .

Peter and Kerry are putting together an information package for perusal at the show and tell session in Canberra that will consist of the layout of the establishment on a white board and A4 photographs of facilities that are already completed.


1. Manner in which the establishment will be run and organised
2. Anticipated times for use of the range and rules pertaining to competitions
3. Structure of CBRC membership and range attendees relations
4. Matters potential range users may wish to have considered by the Committee of Management
5. Matters the Committee of Management may wish to solicit from potential range users
6. Questions and/or clarifications

This communication is presented with the full approval of the CBRC Pty Ltd Committee of Management.