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TOWNSVILLE is hosting the first round of the Far Northern, I.R.B challenge.

To be held throughout year of 2018 between 5 different ranges being Townsville, Cairns, Kurrimine Beach, Ravenshoe and Atherton. Competitors will throughout the year are vying for the top shooter in the zone, with points given at each shoot.

First round of the I.R.B shoots is to be held in Townsville on the weekend of the 17th , 18th of MARCH 2018 at the SSAA Townsville Range .

Directions and a map is on our web site SSAA Townsville, under the heading of (( ABOUT US ))
located 25kms from Townsville heading towards Hervey’s range. There are motels in the city and a caravan park is located on Hervey Range Road just past 1300Smiles Stadium.

Nomination fees are $30.00 for the event, which includes breakfast and lunch on the Sunday the 18th. With practice starting at around Midday on Saturday the 17th .

Camping on range in the camping area and there is plenty of room for caravans and tents. Power is available for those that require it, a fee of $5.00 a night is charged. There are toilets and hot/cold showers

There was some concern with the road into the range for caravans in 2017 with a steep culvert being the problem, We are happy to report to all that this is being fixed during our off time at the end of December beginning of January, with it being raised some 200 mm

Your match director is WALLY BAWDEN,

Early nomination would be great for sorting of targets, details and bench rotations as well if you are sharing equipment.nomannation form can be found on SSAA townsville web site

Payment of nomination fees can be made on the day, Correct money would be preferred as we have limited change.

If you have any queries please contact
Wally Bawden via email: or by phoning mobile 0417 643 107 Thank you on behalf of SSAA Townsville and we look forward seeing you at our first Northern I.R.B shoot.

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Good luck

Good luck with the round robin. I think it's a great idea but a bit far for me.

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thanks for the comment we have been holding this shoot for the last 2 years and it is getting better and bigger all the time and your right i'll need all the luck and then some but i'll give them a run for it


Townsville & Northern Challenge

Hi all,

Yes it will be the start of a great year of shooting competitions in the north, yes to have the skill to do well at all of these tricky ranges up here to win is the real challenge. That said, all ranges have their way to catch you out when you think your on your way to a 250 card, its the winner that does well at all of them that wins the title. May the best win, even if it is my wife, who's rifle I use, that I got built for her, just the way I wanted it.........luckily she doesn't read this otherwise she would be giving me heaps by now.

I can't wait to get into it and then go to the ranges throughout the year, great times with plenty of banter. As Tom always asks if "my hands are ready to do the dishes when Kylie beats me".

That is a real pressure raiser and he knows it, jokes aside we are trying to improve the numbers of bums on seats. I think this year we will get a good turnout and I have to thank the club executive for allowing us to have the shoot. Look forward to seeing new faces and catching up with our great friends that have supported each other over the last couple of years.

Thanks again Wally for organising our leg of the challenge.



FNQ IRB Challenge

These matches are all Club matches run to as close as possible to a Registered IRB Match
All welcome to attend if you are up the FNQ way.
Will post all results through the year .
Look forward to a fun year of shooting.
Tom Hodgson

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Email address

Sorry all I had the wrong email address up but have now fixed so if any were trying to contact me you now can


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