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Klaus Petzl Trophy .. March shoot results

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Klaus Petzl Trophy .. March shoot results

Klaus Petzl Trophy
Tuesday 27th March

Where; Murrumba Pistol Club
Old Gympie Rd (next to show grouinds )
Time Start 7 PM
Cost $10 BBQ before $5
Targets 2x RBA
All welcome

!st Ben West 249.21
2nd NeilDigweed 249.16
3rd Bill Simons 247.13

Full Results to follow

TheJet's picture

Sue Thorpe 235 8 237 4
Roger Purtell 248 17 247 11
Bill Simmons 248 18 249 13
Ben West 249 15 250 21
Neil Digweed 250 16 249 16
Simon Schultz 247 10 247 12
Darell Flood 248 12 243 10
Rod Gisler 250 12 245 14
Peter Langley 167 2 203 3
Greg Liekefett 236 3 235 3

All the gear and no idea

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250 and21

Your on fire Ben

TheJet's picture
Thanks Kim

Digs has shot a 250.21 and a 250 23 there once so he is the king but I couldn't stop smiling because it was so easy when the rifle is on
I got a couple more dots on the first card as well but being a small comp didn't get them checked till I got home
Honestly the mistakes were "all" mine on both targets the rifle ammo was smashing it
Just pulled the trigger at the wrong time.

Think everyone knows this rifle and me have had issues but finally they have all been hopefully worked through.
Thanks to many kind people who helped

All the gear and no idea

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