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Nsw Titles Coming Up

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Bill Collaros
Nsw Titles Coming Up
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Does not get much better than a Hetherbreas Steak n Mushroom Pie

BigStick's picture

Are you brining the fire bin with you? There's plenty of firewood.
We will have plenty of food, you just need the alcohol.

Bill Collaros
Washing Machine Fire Pit

Would be a great idea Kim but the Fire Pit is @ our Shack in the Southern Highlands thus the pie photo, your local legends have opened up at Sutton Forrest also.

We are staying at Motto Farm Hotel that way my Eley is much more secure Smile

Bill Collaros
Sydney - Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

Fire pit

I could bring my washing machine bowl fire pit and set up in the moto farm car park.

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Sounds good Brett
Anyone got a spare washing machine bowl?

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