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Klaus Petzl - June Results

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Klaus Petzl - June Results
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Congratulations to both Andrew and Simon for their wins. The top 3 shooters in factory class are recent converts from the F-Class game and it looks like they'll be here to stay.
Simon knocked of the ol fella by the slimmest of margins but it was enough. It was the first run for Simon's "new" rifle which he bought of Sully last month. The gun is now on it's 5th owner and with a little care and attention and time in the tunnel it looks to be a winner. Simon hasn't even tested any ammo yet and just shot some he had left over from his previous rifle and wasn't really expecting much from the night.
I did hear Sully offer to buy it back at some stage last night but I don't think he's got any chance of that.
Conditions were good that's for sure but there was enough cold air vortex running to trap the odd bullet and I think we all had a couple of those unexplained shots.

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Congratulations Simon

It is no mean feat to beat those boys you were shooting against
Think that there was at least four Australian team members on that list
Especially with a brand new gun to you as Digs said
Well done

All the gear and no idea

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