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X-ample Noodles

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X-ample Noodles

I just tooled up to make X-ample carbon fibre & aluminium noodles to suit Harrel tuners , just wanted to know if any Rimfire shooters would be interested in them if I was to put them into production ?
Regards Pete

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What do they do Pete?

Aluminium noodles to suit Harrel tuners

How much


Bill Collaros
Looks ok to me

Look very similar to the ones the Elliots' ran in Melbourne last year I dubbed them KAOTIC NOODLES, i had a chat to Stuart or Annie about them, they told me the idea was it keeps the bullet a little more stabilised by holding the gases and air together for longer or something along those lines, maybe someone more technical can explain...heck it may be a simple as lets get as close to the target as we can Smile

Anyway if u make them i will take one Peter.

Bill Collaros
Sydney - Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

Peter Armstrong Mk1


I’ve been using something similar for years and the problem with using aluminium is the crud that builds up inside a tuner ends up working like a cutting compound and will wear down the aluminium threads, so they will only last so long. The aluminium body will need to treated to make it harder.

You can easily tune them to length to match you barrel and they sound a lot different to a aluminium noodle.


RBA HoF #1 (2007)

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Carbon fiber noodles

These noodles weigh about 12 oz and fit exactly to the Harrel tuner
I have been using mine for a year or so now and it has tightened my groups from 4.6 to under 3mm. I have had no trouble tuning it to my rifle and would no longer shoot without it.
I only use R50 ammo and this noodle has helped me achieve some great results this year

All the gear and a bit of an idea

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I would definitely get one off you

All the gear and no idea

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I'll have what they're having

I'll have what they're having lol
Two for me please.


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