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Turbo fring pin spring update

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Peter Armstrong Mk1
Turbo fring pin spring update

I received a email from Anthony DiOrio but I can’t cut and paste on this computer.

He said he is sending fresh supply of springs to his Oz distributor.

I think it’s just talking about the V2 here but misfires are not normally a spring problem but firing pin travel. The firing pin should travel between 0.165” and 0.170” and the trigger hanger have F for front R for rear on them and the holes are slotted so you can move them back and forward to get them in the right spot.

DiOrio Mfg still makes a action wrench and these can purchased direct from him or via his Oz distributor (he doesn’t name him) who I think is Sully.


PS my way of measuring FP travel is to use the end of calipers and use them like a depth gauge. Put the end of the calipers on the tang slide the shaft of the calipers down the raceway up to the rear of the FP take a measurement with the bolt cocked and then fire on a empty case take another measurement and you’ll be able to workout your FP travel.

Turbo spring

Hi peter, john giles has turbo springs on order

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Thanks Peter, Rob got my

Thanks Peter, Rob got my account setup last evening and I've posted a reply to the original thread. I have a shipment going out this week to John, it should arrive the following week. Thanks again for your help.

Best Regards, Anthony DiOrio

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