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BR30 - South Coast Championships August 12th

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BR30 - South Coast Championships August 12th

Hi All,

SSAA Batemans Bay Branch is holding the Annual BR30 South Coast Championships - 5 Target Event !!

Sunday 12 August 2018
.22LR Rimfire 5 Targets Trophies 1st 2nd 3rd , Best Target
Juniors 1st 2nd 3rd
Entry Fee $25-00, Juniors $10-00
SSAA BR30 Rules apply

Range open for Practice Saturday afternoon.

Canteen Sunday, Lunch available.

Enquiries please ring Bryson Payne 44713135 or email bandlpayne3@gmail .com

Batemans Bay range is 41/2 k south of Batemans Bay Bridge, turn right into SSAA Road 300 mtrs past Botanical Gardens on your left. Camping available, hot showers and 240 power, kitchen facilities etc. All licensed shooters and Juniors welcome.

It will be a great event, hope to see as many as possible there !!


Anthony Hall

native hunter
Best edge

BR30.!! Really,someone please pull my teeth now.
Hardest head beating game ever.
Would love too, but I cant.

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I've checked the SSAA website

I've checked the SSAA website for benchrest classes and sub disciplines but can find no mention of BR30 or associated rules.

Is this a club competition and where can the rules be found?


hardes rule 30 bulls in 15 mins

ssaa may send then to you


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That sounds pretty difficult.

That sounds pretty difficult.
The link to the rules can be posted on this site.


BR30 Rules

Hi Maureen,

It is an SSAA benchrest competition shot at several ranges. There are Proficiency awards issued and official rules.

Here is a set of rules for your reference.

A lot of shooters love the challenge, because you won't ever shoot a maximum score (3000), 1800 + is a good card with 2200+ exceptional.... I think Gold medal is 2400+ and very few of them ever get achieved.... Some events you can shoot a possible and the winners are separated by .1's or similar..... some love that, some love the challenge of always being able to strive for a better card....




I shot BR30 for years und till the nice rang inspector came out and
shut the rang down That was 3 year a go .made a lot of men real und happy . sorry mate I have not got
copy of the rules


BR 30 rules

Hi all
Google Natioal BR30 rimfire league, not sure how to upload it here but I think this might be what your looking for .
Cheers Pete

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