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2019 Australian IBS 600-1000yd BR Championships

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2019 Australian IBS 600-1000yd BR Championships

proposed dates/ schedule for 2019.

Tuesday 13th August - 600yd BR practise day

Copperhead - Gunpro 600 yd BR - Wednesday the 14th of August 2019

Thursday 15th August - 1000yd BR practise day

ExtraVision - Optimus Projectiles -GunPro SCC - Friday 16th August - Saturday 17th August - Sunday 18th August

the 600yd BR will remain a 4 target single day event. - 7 details (5 per detail))

the 1000yd BR will entail 2 targets per day - ( 6 target match) - 8 details ( 5 per detail)

thankyou again to all of our sponsors who have indicated continuing support for the 2019 ND SCC - 600/1000 Championships.

dave g

from responses and feedback

from responses and feedback it appears that the slight change of match day schedule for the 2019 SCC has received approval.

so for 2019

Monday and Wednesday will be practice days.

Tuesday Copperhead Gunpro 600yd BR 4 target match

Thursday Friday Saturday ExtraVision - Optimus Projectiles - GunPro 1000yd BR



dave g

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