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Future rba qualifiers

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Scott k
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Future rba qualifiers

I would like to ask the rimfire shooter their thoughts on the qualifying system for rba Australian team selection
What system would u like to use ?

Let’s see how the numbers stack up ?

1:Top 3 in the 3gun the top 3 in the 2gun and top 3 in hv

2: top 9 in each class making up the 3 teams for each event

3 : the top 9 in the 3gun makes the teams for each event ?
And for air rifle it should be simple either
1: top 9 in each lv and hv

2: top 9 in the 2gun

Would be good if u put in ur opinion guys and girls ?

Scott k
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My opinion

In my opinion I think to make everything simple it’s easy for the air rifle team The top nine in the 2gun make up the three teams for air
And for rimfire The top nine in the three gun make up the three teams for rimfire

JGA 2013
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Scott have a look at a previous post on this that I put up. At last years Nationals at the shooters meeting there were people wanting the shooters to have a say in what happens in RBA.
Funny how quick they forget, The qualifying information and how the teams would be picked was advertise in 2017. 1 qualifier has been shot under that procedure and a month out from the next qualifier the new RBA Working Group changed it on there first meeting. No input from shooters just changed it and no one wants to tell us why.
Can we get a reply from the Working Group as to why it was changed as I can't understand why it was changed.
As for the future of RBA qualifying who knows as they will change it on a whim.

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