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RIP - Jack Shelley

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RIP - Jack Shelley

It is my sad duty to inform of the peaceful passing of Jack Shelley HOF #4 on 11.11.2018
Jack was well know in shooting circles in the 1960s via his hunting stories in the various Hunting magazines including The Australian Shooters' Journal. His forays into Benchrest began in 1969 primarily to get greater accuracy from his hunting rifles but this lead to competing in various State and National titles. His first appearance in SSAA National titles was in 1971 and continued until 1980 picking up points along the way and qualifying as HOF #4 the first Victoriana to attain the honour.
By the early 1980s with his rise up the Victorian Fire Service, shift work and a growing family he opted to maintain his interest in firearms by going back to his hunting roots. Later he became an avid fisherman a pastime he enjoyed with his boys.
Condolences and thoughts are with Nola, Rob, Michael and their families
Ann & Tom Brummell

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I never knew the man , but sadly benchrest looses another mentor and teacher.

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I shot against Jack Shelley

I shot against Jack Shelley on a few occasions. Most notably at Para at the 1977 Nationals when in experimental class Jack shot his 308 rail in pouring rain. As an RO I stood behind him and watched the 168 grainers go like tracers to the 200 yard target. He was a true gentleman with a dry sense of humour. He will be missed by those who knew him.

Rob Carnell
Yes, he was a gentleman

I bought my first Hart barrel from him.

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RIP Jack Shelly

Sorry to hear of Jacks death, Remember how well he shot a 40XB Remington Chrome Moly at the Nationals sometime in the early 1970's. He was one hell of a good guy.


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