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New Remington 700 CDL in Win.284 with Full Blue-Print and Upgrades

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New Remington 700CDL in Win.284 with complete Action and Stock upgrades.

Action:- Blue printed,trued and lugs lapped. New Pacnor barrel in 1:9 twist with Win.284 chamber.Mini muzzle brake by Pacific Tooling Co. Basix1.5oz with adjustments to weight,sear and travel.

Stock:- Front and Rear Crossbolts fitted. Full channel and action areas relieved. Heavy duty pillows and complete bedding in Devlon Liquid Steel.

Scope:- Nikon Monarch with BDC from 50 to1000m built in Range-finder. 6-25x50.

Bullet:- Range 120-220gr. Bullet selected 150gr Swift Scirocco ii,Polymer tip Spitzer Boat Tail (great sectional bullet)

Field testing:- Sighted in @ 200m, 1" high @ 100m Group-- MOA 0.30" @ 100m (5 shot)

Comment:- A Classic Hunting rifle with extreme accuracy that will take all Game in Australia.

Equipment :- All dies etc. 100 new Lapua brass with 50 fully prepared. Appox.80 @ 150 Swift Scirocco ii. All loading, case, seating depth information provided at time of Sale.

$3 500.00
Rob Purcell
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