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Importing a Rail gun from US

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Importing a Rail gun from US

I was looking at importing a rail gun from The US, a "Young rail guns". Has anyone here ever imported one? Its just the chassis, no barrel or action. Or, does anyone here in Australia make them?

There are a number of Young

There are a number of Young rail guns in Australia. And rail guns have been made here in the past, eg Phil Jones. I dont believe there is anyone else that makes rails on the scale Jay Young does. Certainly no one in Australia makes them on a regular basis as the market for them is very limited here.

It shouldnt be a problem to import a rail from the USA, but it depends on who you are import it from and what they think is a "gun part". I have been told before that I needed a USA export permit to have a neck turner mandrel sent to me so you never know what they will be comfortable with.

Jay Young.

Ive been emailing with Jay Young, and he said he doesn't need an export permit from the states as it has no barrel or action. My concern is here with NSW firearms registry. I'll have to ring them up and try and describe to them what it actually is i want to import and if i need an import permit at all. Ive only ever seen one for sale here about a year ago, so i agree with you there is not a big market for them here.

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Why don't you just buy Murray

Why don't you just buy Murray Hick's Young rail.
It's in the for sale section at a very fair price for a complete outfit.

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