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Club competition Silverdale

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Club competition Silverdale

We are trying to re-introduced benchrest comps to Silverdale via a monthly match,every third Saturday of the month .
The first club day has been scheduled for 16 February , shooters muster 8am to set up flags etc and match should start around 9:15 am
SSAA Sydney has welcomed the idea and range management is working closely with us to make it a success.
*We will have 5 relays shot during the normal range open periods .
*The range has its own set of flags which will be used each time
*targets will be fitted to the standard range target frames and odviously there is no moving backers.
*It’s open to all shooters and calibres.
Anyone wishing to compete please send me a PM and I’ll try to fill in the blanks

Cheers Chris Clarke

Great news!

Such a positive move forward for the sport. As a new competitor to benchrest it will be great to have a regular match in the Sydney basin.

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