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2019 Mackay Zone 4 Fly Shoot

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2019 Mackay Zone 4 Fly Shoot

Mackay is holding a registered Fly Shoot from March 29 - March 31
It will be our 2019 Championship Shoot
This Shoot will consist of Centre-fire Light and Heavy on Saturday and Rim-fire on Sunday

We have a 15 Bench firing line that has been used for previous State and National events
The weather at that time of the year should be quite good and our range will have a full grass coverage

You can contact me with any question by email and i will try to answer them

Fri March 29 - Practice
Sat March 30 - Light Gun & Heavy Gun 500 metre Fly
Sun March 31 - Rimfire 200 yard Fly

Event flyer and nomination form attached.

Cheers john mc