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Global Benchrest Association

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Global Benchrest Association

Global Benchrest Association (GBA)

As some might be aware, in recent weeks there has been a great deal of activity in the USA, in regards to the establishment of a new democratic Short Range and Long range Benchrest Association. (The GBA)

The GBA is the 1st American BR Organisation to invite and include International clubs/members with a full affiliation and membership.

(Given the past and present and possibly future state of our gun law legislation, this genuine relationship and recognition by the GBA of Australian LRBR for NRAA clubs and members, is without doubt an invaluable and positive improvement on our existing and extremely doubtful International affiliation situation)

In the past, although the IBS have been very supportive of Australian 600/1000yd BR clubs and members, it has primarily been through the efforts of the Virginia 1000yd BR Club, that we were allowed to establish and have our postal matches recognised and published on the Virginia website.

While this was a unique arrangement for us (we were the only non American clubs/competitors to receive this approval and recognition) it needs to be understood that this arrangement was not a full and complete affiliation with equal status to the American IBS clubs.

The GBA offers International clubs full membership and parity to all of the participating American clubs/members.

Jeff Green (president of the Virginia 1000yd BR club and chairman of the GBA) has advised the following key points of interest for Australian competitors.

Special Rules for International Clubs

• For the purpose of determining GBA records and recognizing the difficulty of shipping targets internationally for measurement verification, the scoring and measurement of all International Club Targets will be determined and verified by the local clubs or other designated official.

• Membership fee amounts to be paid by individuals and clubs, and the amount of match fees will be determined by the International Clubs. Because of the cost to transfer funds internationally, these funds will be retained in-country. The International Clubs will then be responsible for the cost of creating GBA Awards that are earned by its shooters.

• Appeals arising in International tournaments will be resolved per host-country procedures.

Special Target Rules for International Clubs

o Because of the high cost of obtaining 1000-yard targets, International Clubs (non-U.S.) may reuse targets by pasting previous bullet holes.

o International Clubs (non-U.S.) may use electronic targets for 1000-yard competitions, except that records will only be recognized when paper targets are used because the level of accuracy of electronic targets is not sufficient to assure measurement precision.

o International Clubs (non-U.S.) may use electronic targets for 600-yard competitions, except that records will only be recognized when paper targets are used because the level of accuracy of electronic targets is not sufficient to assure measurement precision.

• Participating Australian clubs will continue to promote and run their LRBR matches in manner to suit their own match conditions and procedures.

• Similar to the IBS, NBRSA and Williamsport Organisations, only the results achieved by competitors using ‘blind shooting’ procedures for the record target maybe submitted to the GBA.

• There will be no change to the existing LG / HG rifle weights/specifications or the LRBR 600 / 1000yd BR sighting target/record target rules we all presently follow.

• Our results will be compared, included and compiled equally with those achieved by the Americans.(this includes for monthly and annual aggregates etc)

• Our match results will be posted and displayed on the GBA website.

• Provided we shoot blind on paper targets, for the 1st time, our results will recognised officially, if any records are achieved, for both 600 and 1000yd BR

• The goal of the GBA is to advance International participation in LRBR.

• International clubs/members receive free membership to the GBA.

• Our existing relationship with the NRAA is not affected in any way.

• The only slight change for us is that instead of our results being sent to the Virginia 1000yd BR club for inclusion in the International Postal Matches.

Our 600/1000 yd BR results will now be sent to the GBA for inclusion and comparison on their website.

• Australian range and competitor fees continue to go to our individual clubs and can be allocated and used without any change to the present arrangements.

• The only minor once only cost to Australian competitors will be the purchase of a GBA membership card. Depending on the quantity ordered from vista print the membership cards should cost approximately $2 - $5 each.

Later this week, all participating American Clubs will be involved in the first GBA board meeting. Following this meeting the GBA Rules will be ratified and posted on their website.

Note again - the domestic American match organisation rules and procedures are not applicable to Australian clubs and members.

Dave Goodridge

chrisjon65's picture

Interesting situation.
I did notice that you only mentioned long range in Australia, with growing numbers and huge government funding into the Hilltop range in The NSW southern highlands I figured Full Bore is in good stead without even involving the American affiliation.
Was there any mention of supporting short range centrefire and or rimfire in their correspondence.
I am sure most short range centrefire and rimfire shooters would be interested in what they have to offer .


they are definitely interested in involving short range benchrest clubs in America and elsewhere.

I don't know about rimfire.

although they have done an enormous amount of work to get the GBA up and running, at this stage, there are additional tasks that they are working on that need to be addressed .

with regard to affiliation with NRAA LRBR, check out the existing 1000yd rules and see if you can find any mention of any international affiliation or recognition.

then it might be clearer why the GBA is the most positive initiative that has ever happened in the history of Australian 1000yd BR.

I suggest that once the website is completed, that you contact them directly.

dave g


we were fortunate to receive some positive press coverage for the 1st GBA match.

our first GBA 600yd BR match will be held at NDRC on the 14th of april.


dave g

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