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Qld State Cf 4 gun " THIS IS A BIG DEAL"

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Qld State Cf 4 gun " THIS IS A BIG DEAL"

OK everyone.

This is Springsure’s 50th year shooting benchrest. It may be hard to find older and more consistent supporters of benchrest disciplines in Australia than the Springsure SSAA. The hard work and the quality of the shooters and club at Springsure are second to none in the Australian benchrest community. I have been attending Springsure comps for 20 years and honed my skills with the toughest competitors in the country.

CF State 4 gun at Springsure should be supported by all the bench rest community and give back. This is the toughest shoot you will endure in your annual calendar. Be there and support them.

I would like to hear from the others on the history of this club and post in this forum their experience and photos.


John B
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Can't wait

Never been there but looking forward to it.

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