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Colo River - latest pics

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Colo River - latest pics

Sorry but I don't have anything except the pics.

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The main firing line structure is almost up with roofing straight after.
I spoke to Pete yesterday and he said the large excavating will begin shortly which will include the target mounds and building up the 300 yard mound.
With the range having national park on 3 sides the excavation is a tricky one with firearms registry and council demanding strict lead retention works as well as keeping natural environmental run offs away from contamination issues .
Most of the amenities are completed and work on the fitting out of the reloading shed and commercial kitchen are well advanced, well it will be when I build the kitchen cupboards and counters
John Babic is has also completed all the steel frames for the 27 benches and once the excavations are done is building all the target frame ground inserts .
So things are moving along steadily . Cheers Chris

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Colo River

a big well done the works look good and soon it will be all together its a BIG well done from us up here in the far North Queensland i and others have it on the list of ranges to visit on our next adventure South thanks for the photos as well



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Really great to see the progress, we really don't have a range close in the north or north west of Sydney. I'm sure the range will be a real success, good luck


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