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The Harry Madden & The Barry Edgley Trophy - Nominations now open - download Nomination Form from -

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The Harry Madden & The Barry Edgley Trophy - Nominations now open - download Nomination Form from -

Nominations are now open, download entry form from the website or from the

The Harry Madden this year which will be held on the first weekend in August and will now incorporate The Barry Edgley LG Trophy which will be shot on the Saturday over 100 & 200 yards.

Also the new website is up and if anyone has photos of the winners of the Harry Madden HG 200 Yards from the early days would be great if they could send them to me as there are quite a few missing from the early years as if those days there were no digital cameras or smart phones.

Some general background of the event but most know the Harry Madden Comp but the Barry Edgley LG Trophy is new on the Saturday.

Total prize pool for the 2 day event in August is $8,000, plus Medals & Trophies, plus 2 Gun Title, sanctioned registered match, also any records shot are registered as a record.

This will be a big event this year and now the Saturday will be known as the Barry Edgley LG Trophy shot over 100 & 200yds, the winner will be Combined Agg. The Sunday as you know is the Harry Madden HG 200yds Trophy and HG is also shot at 100yds.

There is the 100 & 200yds Combined HG plus the 2 Gun Trophy in LG & HG at the Harry Madden which are all shot at 100 & 200 yards. Top 10 in Classes etc. etc.

Smallest group shot under .080" over either Saturday or the Sunday will win $5,000 (only one winner, smallest group). There will be 10 x $300 prizes for anyone who shoots a group between .080" and .100" ( only one prize per person).

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Hi to all those avid Group Competitor's

It would be great if you could use the "CONTACT" section of the website (right at the bottom) and lodge your email address with us. Also if anyone has photo's of the missing years of the Winner's of the HG Harry Madden competition from the 70's, 80's & 90's, if you could email them through would be great. Nominations are now open for the August 2019 comp also?

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