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Ray Edwards


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Where do you live and what is your home range?

I live in Mahogany Creek, WA. My home range is Jarrahdale, approx. 75km south of where I live.

When did you first start benchrest?

Received membership of SSAA on 1/1/1967, after corresponding with Harry Madden and Syd Hollingsworth in Queensland. Later in 1967, as a founding member of the Benchrest Rifle Club of WA, which was the precursor of SSAA (WA), accepted by Sporting Shooters Association of Australia within 12 months.

Who helped you in the early days?

Ron Marsden (“you know what I mean”) responded to countless phone calls and organized much equipment and supplies. The advice was much needed by new comers (he taught many shooters to expect from this game only what you put in!!).
Tony Allinson: In Brisbane 1980, whilst floundering in deep shit, a young Tony spent the time to teach me some of what he knew about reading conditions.
Ann Brummell: It had been my advantage to know and take notice of Ann ever since about 1982/83 when I learnt how she was organizing the Benchrest Rule Book and general administration. Ann first gave me my other name, ‘Silver Fox’, but most importantly over about 25 years, a little encouragement and friendship (we all need it at times)

What was your first BR rifle?

XP100 – Shilen – wooden stock – 222½ Remington by RTM.
I still use the XP100 in my experimental rig.

When did you get your first HOF point?

In 1990 at Para, SA (100yd agg in Sporter Class).

What year did you qualify?

In 2001 at Canberra (200yd agg. and Grand Agg. In Sporter Class).

Where do you shoot most?

At Jarrahdale, the only registered range in WA.

Which ranges do you like and dislike and why?

For Australian ranges my favourite would be Silverdale, NSW, then Coffs Harbour, NSW, then Para, SA.
I don’t like windswept Canberra, Newcastle and Portland and have never been able to understand my home range at Jarrahdale, WA.

Which matches do you like most each year?

As a West Aussie, I don’t have all the choices. However, OUR Nationals are the greatest and any others I can make are a bonus.

Have you shot overseas, when, where, how did you go?

WBC6 New Zealand 2001 – 20th in 2-Gun
WBC7 Sweden 2003 – 24th in 2-Gun, Silver medal in A Team
WBC8 USA 2005 – (I will get over it! xx**## Apologies to the team).

What is your current equipment?

Current as of 2006: Stolle Panda dual port action – Borden stock – Leupold 40x scope – Hart & Krieger, 4 groove x14 barrels – Bald Eagle slingshot forend rest (modified) – Edgeworth rear bag.

What is your philosophy for benchrest?

Trust yourself and use confidence, if you have (and you should have) learned how! Just do it. Use shot for shot memory and work with what you have got. You have earned a fighting chance and remember - it is harder for others.

What advice would you give to new shooters?

Firstly only offer advice when it is needed and above all, wanted! But shooters, like competitors in any other sport, need to select a couple of role models (we have plenty in Australia), ask them for help and advice! Role models will always be proud to offer help and advice.

Editors Note: Ray was taken from us suddenly in July 2010.

Vale Ray Edwards