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David Kerr


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Where do you live and what is your home range?

I live in the foothills east of Perth and shoot benchrest at Jarrahdale but still actively shoot other disciplines at Perth Field Rifle and Southern Districts.

When did you first start benchrest?

Started around 2003 after being offered a secondhand BR rifle in the shop.

Who helped you in the early days?

Jarrahdale is a close knit club – we all help each other with a lot of reverse psychology (read sledging). Harry MacDonald was the man when I started and Steve Brown was the rising star.

What was your first BR rifle?

This was a 6PPC RB/RP panda in an early McMillan.

When did you get your first HOF point?

My first point was my first yardage in a nationals – 100yd sporter in 2004. The barrel had never been in the rifle before and I used loads from my LV – talk about beginners luck!

What year did you qualify?

2008 Nats in Jarrahdale – I won the first yardage - 100yd unlimited but left it to the end to gain the last vital point – 3rd in the 4 Gun.

Where do you shoot most?

We currently only have one centrefire BR range in WA – Jarrahdale. We are a very active club and shoot a lot of registered matches.

Which ranges do you like and dislike and why?

I don’t have any preferences for the ranges – it is the competition and people I like so they are all good.

Which matches do you like most each year?

The first match I won was the Doug Barnes HV in 2003 – Doug is a close personal friend and mentor and the win pleased him as much as it did me. I now enjoy this match more than any other.

Have you shot overseas, when, where, how did you go?

I have represented Australia in three disciplines now – firstly in Air Rifle Running Target at Oceania in NZ and a World Cup in 2002. I then competed in Oceania NZ in the 4 positional match in 2003. I competed at WBC-8 in Ohio 2005 and made the top twenty in LV then went on to WBC-9 in Austria 2007 and made the top twenty in the 2 Gun.

What is your current equipment?

Panda microport ejector in a Kelbly SPG – barrels are varied from Maddco, Hart, Shilen and Krieger. Leupold comp scope. I make my own projectiles and have done for several years – more out of supply continuity then anything else.

What is your philosophy for benchrest?

I shoot for aggs, not small groups – I am happy to take a safe group rather then risk a disaster. I have only had one screamer so far – maybe it’s my poor eyesight!

What advise would you give to new shooters?

Have confidence in the equipment and get that fifth shot in!