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Michael Truscott


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Shooter Information

Where do you live and what is your home range?

Gladstone QLD

When did you first start benchrest?


Who helped you in the early days?

Ken Wheeler, Steve Smith, Roy McCarthy, Charlie Robinson and my wife.

What was your first BR rifle?

.22LR Sportco Clubman in a BR stock

When did you get your first HOF point?

2011 Rimfire Nationals held at Brisbane

What year did you qualify?


Where do you shoot most?

At my home range

Which ranges do you like and dislike and why?

I don’t dislike any range in particular as all the ones I’ve been to have their own different challenges which makes them a joy to compete at. If I had to choose my favourite range it would have to be at Springsure QLD

Which matches do you like most each year?

Nationals Comps

Have you shot overseas, when, where, how did you go?

No but it’s one of my goals

What is your current equipment?

Light RF- Sako Quad, Lilja Barrel, RoyMac BR Stock, Weaver Scope and Eley ammo.
Heavy RF- Falcon, Broughton MI Barrel, Bigstick Stock, Leupold Scope and Eley ammo.

What is your philosophy for benchrest?

Never give up if you shoot a bad group and don’t dwell on it before you shoot your next one. Have belief in yourself and your ability. Trust your gear and if things don’t get better then don’t be afraid to change something. And always remember to have fun.

What advice would you give to new shooters?

Talk to the top shooters and ask questions. Buy the best gear you can afford. Learn to read wind flags and practice with the better shooters in your club. Set yourself goals that you want to achieve in this sport. Aim for small easy to obtain goals at first as this will give you a greater foundation and appreciation for what it takes to get to the top and stay there. After you’ve learnt some basics book yourself in for a BRT training course.