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WBC15 Canada - Aussies do well

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WBC15 Canada - Aussies do well

No doubt the forum readers will have seen the WBC15 results, which apparently tested the teams with some very trying wind and weather conditions.
Congratulations to our three teams who all performed admirably under the tough conditions. I also heard that many were performing under difficult conditions health wise as the whole event had been visited by the Flu bug doing the rounds over there.

For the record the Australian teams came A- 3rd, B - 5th and C- 8th.

To put the event competitiveness into perspective the top placed 3 teams shot 240 targets in total across the two classes and the First place to Third Place 2 gun team aggregates were covered by 7thou. (USA-C 0.2598,USA-A 0.2646,Aust-A 0.2661).
That is some really tight group shooting and congrats again to all our guys.
Safe trip home.