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Faye Boyer RIP

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Faye Boyer RIP

Faye Boyer passed away yesterday.

Faye was the devoted wife of Tony Boyer, and she fell ill whilst in Canada to support Tony at the WBC.

I became quite good friends with Faye when I first met her in 1993 in Finland at the 2nd WBC. She was a fierce competitor back then and won Individual and Teams World Titles, she was also a US Hall of Fame member.

We met quite often over the years at WBC events and always had a few laughs.

I will miss her smile.


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Sad news.
Legends are rare, sadly another one has past .
To someone like myself just starting out in benchrest losses like this are truely sad .

Faye Boyer RIP

The first of our many meetings with Faye was in the early 1980's when in concert with Ron Marsden we donated an opal brooch and tie bar as a prize at US Super Shoot for the winning husband and wife team - the recipients Faye and Tony. This encounter was the beginning of a friendship of chats and reminiscences on our visits to USA, in France for WBC11 and the last face to face in 2013 when Sydney hosted WBC12.
As Rob notes Faye was a fierce and accomplished shooter who won her way into the USA HOF as #44 the only female to achieve this accolade. She loved her shooting, setting goals and supporting Tony. Faye confessed that after initially undertaking regular practise like Tony, Faye confessed she really disliked that time and eventually eliminated practise sessions out of her shooting regime.
Overall Faye was a gracious and gentle person who always had a smile and a good word for most people no wonder the Benchrest fraternity admired her and held her in high esteem.
The USA Benchrest will be diminished at her passing but Benchrest shooters world wide will feel and lament the loss of another wonderful and talented personality from their sport.
Condolences to Tony and their daughters.
RIP Faye.
Ann & Tom Brummell

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