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The first 2 V3 Turbo builds are complete

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The first 2 V3 Turbo builds are complete

I have finally finished the first two V3 turbo builds.

Details are.

1: Blue HV (14lb) rifle, V3 RBLP action, Bix & Andy trigger, Shilen 4R brrel in 0.900" dia straight profile, Harrell tuner, and Bigstick bamboo stock with custom paint.

2: White and Red light class (8.5lb) rifle. V3 RBLP action, Jewell trigger, Shilen 4R brrel in Eck sporter profile, custom back bored tuner, and Bigstick bamboo stock with custom paint.

Testing conditions had more wind then I would like but I was happy with the groups regardless.

Hopefully one of these will get a run at Newcastle nationals the other will be based on the other side of Australia.


BigStick's picture

Not to be too fussy but it's BigStick.
They're looking good Brett. More on their way.

22 tech
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First outing

Well... finally got "True Blue" licenced after 6 weeks of waiting 2 days before WA TRA State Titles, bolted on the trigger timed all the way back, bolted to stock, strapped on the scope, straight to the range Friday arvo for 1 card 50m, 1 card 90m. Left the tuner where it was delivered, Brett said it still needed a tune.
Very windy conditions, but with this rig it was like shooting fish in a barrel. First comp = first win.
Photos don't do the paint job justice, it's so pretty.
BigStick stock is super stable in the bags. I've made a couple of stocks, but nothing this stable. Maybe its the high sides on the forend?
It's testament to the equipment how well it performed out of the box no refining.
Highly recommended.
Thanks again Brett.

Great news

That is great news Peter, I am glad it is going well for you.

The owner/driver of the Red and White sporter in this post also won a gold medal at recent Nationals.


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