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Neville King RIP

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Neville King RIP

I have been informed that Neville King lost his battle with cancer yesterday.

Neville was one of the quiet men of benchrest just going about his business and thoroughly enjoying the sport.
He represented Australia at the 2013 WBC at Silverdale.
He turned his hand to bullet making in his latter years and his Dingo & Neville's Devils bullets were used by shooters around the country.

He was a gentleman and a damn good bloke, and will be sadly missed by those who knew him.

We are diminished.

Michael Huebner
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Neville King

As Brendan said we are truly diminished from his passing.
I have lost a friend, Range buddy and bullet maker. I am truly grateful for the time we spent together over the last 9 months since he told me he had cancer.
He came up with an exceptional bullet after we tested at the Range for several months during late 2018/early 2019.
Early in 2019, In true ‘Kingy’ style he says to me your bullets might take a little while longer matey, I have cancer.
He proceeded to make me 10k which again says a lot about his character. He wanted me to have the best he could make.

His funeral will be on Friday 18th October at 10:30am, at Kings Funerals 130 Bellarine Hwy Newcomb.

My scincerest condolences to his wife Ann, to Justin and his sisters

He will be truly missed

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Sorry to hear the bad news

He was a good bloke.


BB Administrator

RIP Neville King

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Neville King although we knew of his struggle over the past months. Like Brendan, Michael and Rob found him to be a decent bloke. Not only was Neville a maker of fine projectiles but also an excellent Benchrest competitor. He represented Australia at the World Benchrest Championships in 2013 finishing 12th in Heavy Bench and the 2nd placed Australian in a stellar field of competitors from16 countries. Neville was also an enthusiastic supporter of Benchrest as at the four Super Shoots I acted as procurer of prizes Neville was the first in line to sponsor by way of a large parcel of his excellent Dingo projectiles that were much appreciated and sought after.
Condolences to his wife Anne and family.

Ann & Tom Brummell

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