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bill collaros
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Memorandum To:
TRA Ltd Member Organisations,
Affiliated Clubs,

Dear All,

Target Ammunition Pty Ltd has WRABF 25m and 50m Targets available for purchase by members, affiliated clubs and State Associations.

The targets have been approved by Target Rifle Australia Ltd for use at all future RBA National Championships.

As a result of extensive testing the targets have been printed on 400gsm high bulk paper using an offset printing process to ensure consistency and quality while at the same time giving superior hole punching results compared to other, thinner paper types currently in use around the world.

Available in packs of 125 targets for both 50m Rim-fire and 25m Air Rifle.

Price: $50 per pack of $125 (including GST)

Freight Extra

If you have any questions or need any other information in relation to this matter, please contact me.

Kind Regards,
Richard Toye
Executive Officer
Target Rifle Australia Ltd.
P.O. Box 11144, Centenary Heights, Qld 4350
M: 0411 322 926