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C/F Nationals

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C/F Nationals

I spoke to Billo earlier tonight and he asked me to mention that there is a significant chance that this event will be postponed or cancelled.

As usual, please don't shoot the messenger!


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C/F nationals

Rob ,
Under the circumstances I am sure people with half a brain could and would understand why ! But can we make it postponed
NOT cancelled if possible.


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Off course SSAA had to join The band wagon .
Interestingly is SSAA willing to close all shooting ranges nationwide.
At this stage the government is suggesting that numbers above 500 should not congregate in one area .
Funnily the nationals would not have any more people than a busy peak hour train carriage on any weekday.
It would be nice to get confirmation rather than speculation from SSAA
Hopefully we don’t find out the day before like the F1 in Melbourne.

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Nationals are cancelled

Dave rang me this morning, its now official.


BB Administrator

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Well that was quick.

2020 CF Nationals cancelled

The CF National BR titles at Easter in Canberra will not be held. The decision was not taken lightly and only after consultation by David Billinghurst with his senior delegates, ACT Benchrest section, health officials and not least being cognisant of the duty of care.
All competitors who have already nominated and those considered likely to nominate were contacted either by email, telephone or text.
Reponses to date have been 99% positive and supportive with replies such as, and quote " responsible decision, full marks, correct, agree, sensible and best idea". Shooters were also appreciative that the decision was taken now and not at the 11th hour.
Into the future when the situation settles discussions will take place to ascertain if the events can be held at a later date and/or fitted into the National program.
On behalf of David and his delegates thank you for understanding and supporting the decision.
Ann Brummell

Common sense

In light of all the available information, I think the right and hard decisions needed to be made and have been. If I was the match director or state delegate in this position, people safety is paramount.
Looking at the average age of our shooting family, the statistics show age is the biggest factor in recovery.
Do we know all the facts?
Does anybody have the silver bullet?
Safest and by far the best practice is to minimise the risk. Hopefully in the future it can be reinstated and held.


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