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Hillbilly hand sanitizer

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Peter Armstrong Mk1
Hillbilly hand sanitizer


I was reading online that they recommend 80% alcohol in hand sanitizer but I found that most of the hand sanitizer sold here is below 60% so I looked at metho it’s 95% ethyl alcohol and 5% methyl alcohol. I looked online and some people are mixing it with other things and using it as a hand sanitizer. I’m using it straight.

My point is hand sanitizer is hard to find and metho is really available, cheaper and stronger also great for wiping down door and fridge handles.


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isopropanol more comonly

isopropanol more comonly known as isopropyl rubbing alcohol is usually around 98-99% and cheap too. it can be used for hand sanitizer and as a disinfecting surface cleaner.
keep yourselves and loved ones safe people.

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Tried to buy isopropyl

Tried to buy isopropyl alcohol yesterday. Bunnings have been cleaned out and are rationing product. In fact I heard yesterday Bunnings NZ is closed to the general public and trade only now. Anyhow, other retail outlets I tried are out of it too. I tried a trade only chemical suppler that I buy chemicals from and he is completely out. He is expecting resupply by the end of may.

METHO is a hell of a lot

METHO is a hell of a lot cheaper boys


If you are referring to

If you are referring to methanol, be very careful, because it's quite toxic


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Metho = methylated spirits

Its ethanol with a few additives to make it unpalatable!


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hillbilly hand sanitizer

Pharmacy call it denatured alcohol. It's used a lot in hospitals to rub pressure points like backs to help blood flow to that area.


I know I am a bit late to this...

I know I am a bit late to this but there are valid reasons for mixing ethanol to between 60 and 70% for hand santiser.

Above 70% and the ethanol will evaporate too quickly. It needs contact time to 'denature' the virus (same as washing with soap for +20 seconds).

Under 60% and it's efficacy is too low, so it is much less effective.

Adding aloe vera or similar to get the 60 to 70% also protects your skin from drying out.

Now I know you all have lovely soft hands and would like to keep them that way :)

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