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International Rimfire Benchrest (IRB) HOF

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International Rimfire Benchrest (IRB) HOF

The proposal for the establishment of an IRB HOF award was presented to SSAA National Discipline Committee in November, 2019 and received positive consideration. Consequently the recommendation along with suggested qualification parameters were referred to the SSAA Inc. Board in March 2020. The Board endorsed the entire package that included that points should begin from 2009 when the first SSAA IRB National Championship was conducted. Next step will be the SSAA IRB HOF will be added to Benchrest Rule Book Pt.B #10 when the next review is done.

The Rule Book addition will read as follows:-
A Hall of Fame Award shall be conducted on a point score basis in the IRB class at the SSAA National Championship.

For points to apply the minimum numbers in each day's event and the class will be
Day 1 - 35, Day 2 - 35 and Class aggregate qualifiers - 70.
In the 2 day applicable number the overall entry can be achieved by any combination of class qualifiers.

Points will be allocated as follows only after the above mentioned parameters are met.
Day 1 winner = 1 point, Day 2 winner =1 point. Class Grand Aggregate 3, 2 and 1 points respectively for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

The most number of points able to be awarded at any one National IRB Championship is 5
A competitor must amass a total of 12 points for entry into the IRB HOF

Ann Brummell

Peter Armstrong Mk1
Looks like I was robbed, I

Looks like I was robbed, I won both days at the 2014 IRB nationals and only 31 shooters so no points. But even if I got all my points I’d still only have 11 so still not enough.

Being robbed of HoF points is nothing new to me, if you look at the Hunter Class Hof and look at the results from 2009 and 2010 I never got any points for 2009 and at the time I did question it and it took long while to get an answer, I was told the points were correct. End result I haven’t shot a Hunter Class Nationals since, such is life.


RBA HoF #1 (2007)

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