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Latest Update Colo River

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Latest Update Colo River

Here are the latest pictures from Peter Armstrong.

The excavator will be back next week finishing the 200yd stop butts and side mounds.


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Colo River nice work all

Wow nice job and well done to all involved now I am weighting on some information from John B re the target frames but now that I can see a lot more of how things are made and in place I see my parking spot has been put in thanks
The question I have this time relates to the benches all good with a concrete top but can’t help see that the steel frames holding them up are not the ones passed by the S S A A ‘Benchrest delegates I take this is quite okay as this is not a S S A A range but thought you were getting it to align with the S S A A I don’t know as I say I have been doing battle with powers to be over a number of things in the past 6 years and am getting closer all the time but the benches you have built don’t comply but has nothing to do with me I still say well done to all of you
I’m getting closer all the time I now have in my possession the survey of the range and the distances we need next will be a firing line as we are building a new competition range



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