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ACT benchrest club shoot.

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ACT benchrest club shoot.

I just thought I’d mention that SSAA ACT has been having regular club shoots , the last Saturday of each month .
We had a good turnout yesterday with 8 shooters braving the -1 temperatures.
It was a morning of tricky and switching wind .
It was great to see Max Coady back shooting short range again.
He did mention he was trying out a couple of new barrels on his 6BR and his classic Remington PPC .
Alex Chryss showed off his local knowledge and won with a .2372 agg just pipping Steve Sori at the post who shot a .2424 agg.
There will be another club day on August 22 Shooting at 200 yds and again on September 26 shooting 100 yds and all are welcome.
Social distancing is still maintained so every second bench is allowed for use So matches can cater for about 15 shooters.