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Firing Pin Springs

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Firing Pin Springs

Hi All,

I need to replace the firing pin spring in one of my Sportco Clubman rifles. It just doesn't strike hard enough any more. Obviously I am about 50 years too late to get a brand new factory one.

How do you work out the specifications of a spring? I would guess coil diameter, wire thickness are a given, but length and "strength" are not really known factors.

Also where would I buy a spring from, if I work out the specifications?

The spring fits fairly closely into a lengthways hole in the firing pin, could I use a small piece of brass rod placed in after the spring but before the retaining pin to increase the compression on the spring?



On further investigation

I did some more disassembly and diagnosis this afternoon.

I have another Clubman (and bits) in the safe, so I disassembled its bolt and compared springs and there's not much difference, so swapped the springs and the pin indent was still marginal. Swapped the spring back into the spare rifle and the indent was good - so it appears it's not the spring.

The rifle in question is rear locking and the headspace is set using shims between the bolt handle assembly and the bolt body. I made up a temporary shim out of paper and the imprint is much better. So it looks like headspace may be the culprit.

I have ordered a handful of 0.1mm shim washers and I'll wrangle them into shape and see what happens...

Micky T
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Hi Rabbitz,
Did you check the firing pin protrusion at all?
To make sure the firing pin isn't bottoming out.
I have 3 Sportco clubmans if you need to compare anything.
Cheers Mick

Pin Protuberance

I haven't specifically checked, when it first started to play up at the range, I looked to see where the pin sat when decocked and it looked ok. I was really looking to make sure it hadn't chipped or broken.

When I get the shims I'll disassemble it again and try and work out whether the flat on the pin body is against the housing with a case being held in the extractors. Not sure what to do if that is the problem :)

Thanks for the heads up.


Michael Huebner
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Some of the Kimber springs fit some Sportco and Win320 actions
J&P gunsprings Makes those

I have Sako Finnfire springs from J&P x 2 if anyone is after one of those

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