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WBC16 South Africa

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WBC16 South Africa

Hi Everyone

Kobus Vissor from South Africa bench rest has provided us with a update in relation to the WBC16 event in South Africa, which was due to be held in April 2021. It has been delayed until September 2021 and it is to be held at Riebeek Castle Shooting Range near Cape Town. Covid-19 has to date resulted in a much bigger than anticipated impact on all countries. South Africa will evaluate the pandemic situation in Nov/Dec 2020 and then make a final decision on the final scheduling of the event.

In order to tie in with the planned scheduling of all the WBC events, there will be two options regarding hosting dates of WBC16. Either they will confirm the decision to schedule the event for September 2021,….or the event will be postponed to April or September 2023 in South Africa. This decision will be based, firstly and most importantly, on the anticipated safety of the competitors.

They want to be as certain as possible that the pandemic will be under control in their country and in the rest of the world. South Africa do not want to risk the health of anybody.

I will continue post updates when available.


Will Greer