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CBSC current update

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Colo Benchrest ...
CBSC current update
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To all shooters,

Colo Benchrest Rifle Club has now completed all construction to the range at Colo.
All target frames and backers are now in place from 50m, 100yds, 200yds and 300yds.

Inspection by local Police for 'Safe Keeping' was carried out last week and accepted and we now have our Event Number. All forms have also now been submitted to FAR for us to sell ammunition and hire firearms.

We now have a date for our final inspection from FAR and this will take place before the end of this month. If all goes well then it is only the final inspection by Council to obtain the Occupation Certificate.

After that, it will be opening time for lots of fun and enjoyment!!

We will keep you all posted :)

bill collaros
bill collaros's picture
Peter and Team

What a mammoth task, well done to you all, looking forward to a Rimfire benchrest competition at some stage in the near future...

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

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WELL just need some green grass now 10 lawn mowers and 50 odd weed eaters all i can say guys and gals well done it looks great and as i say when a bit warmer and we are allowed to travel once again maybe we will never get back to a normal we all knew but some form of it i'll be down your way for a shot or three cheers to all


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