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Bullet Swaging Set-up

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.243" cal. bullet swaging set-up, features Detsch core swage die, Detsch carbide flat base seater die & six core seating punches, Detsch carbide 0.065" length 14 degree boat tail die with five boat tail base punches and a Brand New George Ulrich carbide 6 to 9 calibres double ogive point die with 0.062" meplat. RCBS A-2 heavy duty swaging press, Gentner 6 X 500 core inserting bullet trays (holds a total of 3000 jackets for bullet seating), Herters M30 cast iron lead wire core cutter, 25kg 4.7mm lead wire and 10,000+ match Jackets (J-4, Sierra and Hines Tactical) $7000.00 plus postage/shipping.

$7 000.00
Gary Little
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