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CBSC current update

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CBSC current update
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Hi All,

CBSC has been approved by Council !! We are still waiting to hear back from Firearms Registry and we believe this may take another 3-4 weeks...

The DTL has been completed this last weekend and our targets are being delivered this coming Tuesday! Everything else at the range is ready to go!

We will upload photos this week showing the flags on the range and will keep you all posted on Firearms Registry, as we go.

We have also attached our "proposed 2021 calendar" for your perusal.

Thank you!

bill collaros
bill collaros's picture
Congrats Peter and Team

Your vision has come alive.

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

ozeboy's picture

Well done to all the family, what a great achievement, The only regret I have is age related, nothing I can do about that but will use the range to expose my Grandchildren to the sport.
Go well and stay safe.


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