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Geoff Hansen RIP

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Geoff Hansen RIP

It has been brought to my attention that the passing of Geoff Hansen has been documented on the Fly Shoot Forum. Geoff was also a regular entrant at short range Benchrest shoots in addition to competing in ACT and Batemans Bay Fly events..
He was over the past six years, from 2016 and including this January just gone (2020), a contestant in both Light and Heavy Gun events at Australia Day matches with a 7th place in Light in 2019. In addition Geoff also shot in Banana Coast events at Coffs Harbour and NSW State titles at the same venue.
Condolences are extended to Geoff's family.

Ann Brummell

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Sorry to hear that

This must have been very sudden.

Last time I spoke to him he wanted me to chamber a couple more barrels for him!


BB Administrator

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I spent a bit of time with Geoff on a couple of occasions at silverdale when he came to support a few things we were working on .
He was a truely friendly person and loved everything about target shooting.I have fond memories of a really good bloke

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