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Australia Day 2021 Cancelled

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Australia Day 2021 Cancelled

Australia Day Benchrest Matches

Attention entrants,

As you are all aware, the situation with Covid 19 in NSW has changed the status and procedures for events being held in the ACT.
ACT has imposed significant restrictions on any person traveling to and from the Greater area of Sydney and for persons who have been in contact with any person from that area. ACT has also imposed further restrictions/controls on persons in the ACT holding events such as more regular sanitising of common areas, masks and social distancing.

Restrictions on travel imposed within NSW (especially to and from the Greater Area of Sydney) along with other States primarily Queensland, Victoria and South Australia which add in various cases travel bans for all but extraordinary circumstances and or applications for travel permits. Restrictions also including the need to quarantine for 14 days on return to home states, have imposed controls which impact the Australia Day event competitors massively.

It is in this environment and considering the age profiles of BR competitors and the organisers, along with the travel areas involved that we have no choice under the current restrictions and controls but to cancel the Australia Day Benchrest matches.

This decision is not taken lightly and it is hoped an alternative event may be held some time in the future, however such a decision will be dependent upon the pandemic controls and restrictions and SSAA(ACT) Jim McKinley Range redevelopment work to be undertaken during 2021.

All event entrants up till today have been sent this email in the first instance and I will request the notice also be posted on the Benchrest Bulletin.

Alex Chryss
SSAA(ACT) Benchrest Delegate

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The decision to cancel the

The decision to cancel the 2021 Australia Day Matches, whilst disappointing to match starved shooters, was the only sensible course of action.
The amount of paperwork and clearances involved just getting to the shoot from Interstate out of the question. For the South Aussies we would have had to cross three or more border check points each way and then hibernate for 14 days upon our return. OK for retirees I guess, but for people working it would be a bit hard to tell the boss that you are going to a shoot and by the way I can't come back to work for a couple of weeks after., Good luck with that one!
No, it's a tough call but this rotten Chinese virus is not going to go away any time soon. If fear that the Nationals may suffer a similar fate and there is nothing we can do about it.
Hang in there folks - better times must come eventually!

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