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Funeral arrangements for David Billinghurst

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Funeral arrangements for David Billinghurst

David's funeral will be held in the North Chapel, Forest Lawn Cemetry, Leppington on Friday 29th January, 2021 at 10 AM
Due to covid restrictions the service in the chapel is limited to 29 persons and this number will be filled primarily by family members.
There is permission for 71 persons outside the chapel but to comply with the rules we ask that if you are wishing to be in this number please RSVP to 0418478160 and the family will do their best to organise yet keep within the rules. Masks will be required in and at the adjacent area.
Following the service a small gathering will be held at Campbelltown Golf Club, Glen Alpine but again covid restrictions will only permit 60 persons.
Should restrictions ease or change during the next week we will advise accordingly.
Ann Brummell HOF #8

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Sad day

Today is the day we all should have been gathering to pay our respects to a man who gave so much for the sport he loved. Unfortunately, COVID-19 robbed us of that opportunity as it has done for so many other things.
For those of us who could not make it, rather than feel unhappy because we could not be there today, we should choose to remember and celebrate what he has achieved for the sport of benchrest and for each of us personally. I may not have known him for 50 years like a lot of others, but it did not take me long to like and admire the bloke for his conviction.
RIP Billo. You will be missed on the range but your presence will always be felt by a family of benchrest shooters who owe you so much for your tireless efforts to better our sport. I for one will miss your laughter and sense of humour especially at Coffs, where you spent so many hours doing what you did for us.
I’m sure I’ll find some like minded people at Coffs this time next week to share a beer and reminisce about your infamous exploits. And perhaps in the darkness of the night, shed the odd tear or two for our loss.

Team KAOS - Catch us if you can! - Ya got no chance
Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.

bill collaros
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In Billos Honour

I too could not make it today and agree with u Neil. Let's toast Billo in Coffs as he would have wanted.

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

Keith Smith
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Farewell to Billo

Today we said farewell to BILLO

One of the good ones, a fellow shooter, a great bloke, a mate and a loyal friend. He was a tireless worker for Benchrest Shooting and the development of junior shooters who will be missed in more ways than we could imagine.
R.I.P Dave gone but not forgotten.

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