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2021 QLD Rimfire Benchrest Group & IRB Championship - Mackay

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2021 QLD Rimfire Benchrest Group & IRB Championship - Mackay

Nominations are now open for the 2021 QLD State Rimfire Benchrest Group & IRB Championship to be held in Mackay from May 20 - May 24.

Thu May 20 - Practice
Fri May 21 - Light Rimfire Benchrest
Sat May 22 - Heavy Rimfire Benchrest
Sun May 23 - IRB Day 1
Mon May 24 - IRB Day 2

Please go to the SSAA Mackay website to download the Program and the Nomination Form:


Mackay Nominations & Bench Draws

Bench draws have been done and attached below.

Please let me know ASAP on 0407 789 952 if you can see any issues with any of the bench draws.


A couple of Powered Camp Sites available

We have had a few competitors who have had to pull out of the comp leaving a couple of powered camp sites available.
So, if there is anybody needing to either upgrade their non-powered site or wish to book a powered site - please let me know asap.
There are still plenty of un-powered sites still available.


A reminder…

A reminder to all attending the SSAA Brightly Shooting Complex.

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Thanks Chirs

Thanks Chris for posting the Covid notice up.

SSAA Mackay thank Chris P for his hard work he has and is putting into the State Titles.

We look forward to hosting the 2021 QLD Rimfire Benchrest Group & IRB Championship, and hope the Weather is favorable and the wind just right...

SSAA Brightly Shooting Complex/ SSAA Mackay are operating under a Covid Plan. As we are all getting used to, there are requirements now that must be adhered to for us to open and operate. So as above, please be aware of the covid restrictions that are in place.

Shane Clow
SSAA Mackay Management Committee Member

Fly is shot of a Benchrest...

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