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11/06/21 NSW RF/IRB

Registered Match On-Line Entry Form

SSAA NSW Rimfire BR and IRB, to be hosted at Newcastle Branch


Day Date Event Time/Dist
Thursday 10/06/2021 Practice
Friday 11/06/2021 Light Rimfire Group 8.00am 50/100
Saturday 12/06/2021 Heavy Rimfire Group 8.00am 50/100
Sunday 13/06/2021 IRB (Day 1) 8.00am 50
Monday 14/06/2021 IRB (Day 2) 8.00am 50

7.00am weigh-in all days.
Entry Fee $50 per day, Juniors $25 per day.
Nominations must be received by 01 June 2021.
Late entries may or may not be accepted and if accepted a late fee of $10 will apply, and you will not be able to share flags or equipment.
You must have your current membership card and shooters licence
Range Facilities: Club house, toilets, showers and BBQ. Camping on Range permitted (please advise beforehand)
Free: Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee, Tea and Biscuits
Dinner will be available for a small fee
Please notify if sharing and with who.
SSAA Newcastle range rules requires eye and hearing protection to be worn while shooting.
Enquiries: Kim Cosstick 0429 335 389
Or email: