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CBSC current update

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Colo Benchrest ...
CBSC current update

Hi All,

In reference to our last post:

We are now in possession of our Sand Quality Report (used in the sand for our Stop Butts) from Hy-Tech Industries, along with our Ballistic Data for all calibres, from 168gr .308WIN downwards - both requested by the Firearms Registry at our last meeting on site, at the Colo Benchrest Shooting Range.

Our Sand Quality Report is of the "Australian Standard" and NOT of the British Standard, as forwarded to us by F.A.R. !!

Filling was jus beginning, to be delivered to site, for the extra high stop butt behind our 300yd line prior to the "big rain" event we had recently experienced. As of today, we still have water leaking out of the ground, preventing any further trucks from entering the site.
Hopefully, by the time F.A.R. have completed their calculations, from our Ballistics data (supplied to us by an industry expert), we will be back in full swing with the balance of the truck deliveries and complete the Stop Butt, to their requirements.

In the meantime, fingers crossed for the fine sunny days from here on in.

Many thanks