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Aussie Triple Crown 2022 - Hornets club Brisbane in April-May

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Aussie Triple Crown 2022 - Hornets club Brisbane in April-May

Hi All,

Our Hornets Club will host the Aussie Triple Crown event again. This weekend happens to be a long weekend for those who live in QLD.
Virtually anyone. For this particular special event we have NO membership requirements. If you are a SSAA member or a QRA Member or a TRA member you can come. In fact if you are not yet a member of any of these shooting organisations you can come and join in.
We really would like to see as many people as possible make the effort and come. For your own sake. All of us are done will lock downs, lock outs and political mixed messages. So THIS is a clear message! Lets get back to shooting, lets all enjoy and have fun? Re engage in our sport.
The Brisbane International Shooting Centre. Map location here
Well we arranged this to combine the three (3) major Rimfire Benchrest shooting events in one gathering to stimulate fun and fellowship and get people out and shooting again.
The SSAA event called IRB. The Target Rifle Australia event called TRA benchrest and the RBA event on WRABF targets
Each of these 3 events are not official or "registered matches". No records can be set of bling trophies awarded. In fact to best explain have a look here at our video. Last time we had a professionally done video about the event and is on our club YouTube channel. Check it out
Friday, April 29 - Practice (all day)
Saturday April 30 - IRB (3 x targets)
Sat evening 30th - TRA benchrest (60 shot match on electronic targets under lights)
Sunday May 1st - WRABF (3 x targets)
Monday May 2nd - Long weekend, travel home.
Lots of good options right on site, walking distance too. The Queensland Rifle Association (the QRA) have really excellent accommodation options from Chalets, Family units, Motel units, Bunk style dormitories, camping and powered and unpowdered caravan sites. Check out the options here and book directly with them
We will be offering full catering especially arranged and provided by the lovely ladies of the Hornets club. Organised by the Simmons family. Well, mainly Yvette actually ( is there a thumbs up emoji here Rob?). Breakfast lunch and dinners.
Well, your rifle, ammo and related gear, shooters licence, good attitude and just a smile will be fine!
We do have an armory on site so can safely store your firearms.
Soon. This will be announced when and an online entry will be available on the Hornets Club website only.
So for now lock in the dates. We can handle a hell of a lot of entries. So unlike the QLD State Premier we are not locking anyone out!!!
Fees will be kept to a minimum. We would also like to provide a solid prize table with a huge variety of goods. Some shooting things and some not. We will approach the industry and we are having our members of the Hornets club add things to the pool, but we also welcome each and everyone to contribute anything they could, be it small or whatever to a prize table. Similar to what happens at the Triple Crown in the USA. We want everyone to take home some prizes and good memories.
We are not providing trophies like all other types of events do. We will give prizes of some sorts to winners. But the competition is about fun and (for some) a lot of pride :)
There will sure be a few side bets going on and if anyone is not yet aware of the local power play games occurring between Billy Simmons and Annie Elliott over a ride (or not a ride) is a dressed up Ford John Goss Falcon special for the loser, you can get updates of the state of play from Neil. The battle continues and the stakes get higher and higher. But Annie is holding out hard because she will NOT ride in a Ford car! :)

So we hope to see you and look forward to welcoming you to Queensland finally. Bring a mate. Or two. Make it "a trip". Vote with your feet, be here.
Ask away

Stuart Elliott
President, Hornets Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest Club Inc.

stuart neale
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Triple Crown

Count me in.

dave keen
Triple Crown BrisVegas

Excellent Video

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Just a reminder to everyone

Just a reminder to everyone here, our online entry details are up on the Hornets Benchrest website now. The Triple Crown Nomination form
Please pass this information around.

Dates are Saturday April 30th and May 1st. On Saturday morning is practicing. Then the IRB matches (three targets) and a couple of relays. After the dinner that afternoon and in the evening the TRA benchrest component on electronic targets will be conducted. This is a 60 shot match (plus sighters) and a couple of relays. Then on Sunday morning the RBA event (WRABF) three targets and a with a couple of relays will be done. For QLD people the Monday May 2nd is a public holiday which allows you to get home before the working week starts again.
Remember these matches are not strictly following the rules of competition. But just generally of course. We will NOT be conducting weigh-ins for example. Generally it is all 'Heavy Class' Rimfire anyway. If you want to come, but do not have a Rimfire Benchrest Rifle then get in touch. We will arrange a share from amongst our members. Specific shout out to all the Centrefire Benchrest Shooters here!
Also all the Rimfire Fly shooters too. All the Brisbane local Fly shooters will be here!

For those who have not seen this video about our last Triple Crown, here it is again

We are arranging sponsorships and give-aways. We hope to have enough to provide everybody with something. Along these lines, we are also inviting anyone who would like to, please contribute to a "pool" with anything small or otherwise they would like to give? Just bring along or let us know. We are encouraging certainly our Hornets Club members to each contribute something. This is not a compulsory thing at all. But would like to give all this opportunity to be engaged in this whole process.
Things do not necessarily need to be shooting related gear at all. Could a jar of local produce, box of chocolates, a book, something funny. Small is just fine. We are simply trying to emulate what often occurs at benchrest matches over in the USA where they have great social occasions. Where everyone brings something to add to the "pool" and then trade sponsors add and the results are fun, engagement, community and respect for all.

This event is different. This is on purpose. Being a member of any specific shooting organisations is NOT a requirement. For this event we can accept all. Does not matter if you are a member of SSAA, TRA, QTS, QRA or in fact not a member of any of these. We will be glad to welcome you. If you have never shot Rimfire Benchrest before but always wanted to give it a go.....this is YOUR event.
It is designed to bring together all of us who like to shoot Benchrest events with 22 Rimfires. Whether you are a beginner of seasoned veteran does not matter. Sure, there will be some special trophies arranged for the winners. In fact these are being made and donated the Rimfire shooters in Melbourne actually. But this event is not about people winning as much as about engaging and gathering us all together. Reignite the passion and personal relationships. To celebrate a sport (in many disciplines) that we all love.
So for those who have been thinking about this, So we hope to see you here. Life has been a mess for last 2 years. Slowly things are moving forward and we hope this events will reignite things.
We know for some it is a long way to travel for many. We have keep the entries fees as low as possible. It is $75 for all 3 events. We have a wonderful facility here. Also there is lots of accommodation options right at the range. See the QLD Rifle Association website for options and booking details
Also a lot of camping and caravan options on site too. Powered and unpowered. Our range is a simple Uber drive away from Brisbane Airport for those considering flying. If you stay on range there should be no need to hire a car.

Lets see how many shooters we can drag out to come and have some fun?
Please see out Hornets club website and use the Contact US tab if you need any questions handled or help.

On behalf of all 50 odd members of our Hornets Benchrest Club, many thanks for your time. We hope to see you here.

Stuart Elliott (Hornets Club president)
NB. The BISC facility does not have an specific COVID restrictions or requirements in regards to vaccination status.

Annie & Stuart Elliott

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Hi Stuart, can a person

Hi Stuart, can a person requiring a Form 33 enter?


Fly is shot of a Benchrest...

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Hi Shane,

Hi Shane,
Yes that is certainly possible. For the details within a Form 33, just Google QLD Weapons Act, Form 33


Annie & Stuart Elliott

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